Cosmetic and plastic surgery for the female genitalia

Surgery practice of reconstruction surgical of beauty and Small and Big Labiahay.

Surgical practice of tight and tightening of vagina.

Surgical practices of clitoris reconstruction.

Practice of pelvic ….and urinary incontinence Surgeries of women.

Practices of reconstruction surgical and beauty of low part of the stomach

Surgery practice of reconstruction surgical of beauty and Small and Big Labiahay.

Shorten small Labiahay

With increasing in age, small Labiahay of feminine genital organ became larger so that this growth exceeded in the level of mucous membrane and it cause to out of the female genital organ. Other Causes of the greatness in little لبیاهای except increasing the age are as follows: mechanical agitation, childbirth, استاز لنفاوی, some diseases, skin inflammations and urinary incontinence.

A greatness of little لبیاهای can lead to difficulty in dressing, discomfort in working out and pain in coitus. If patient has been faced with these cases or had requested because of beauty, we will correct small لبیاهای during a surgery as much as possible.

It should be noted that there are different methods of surgery for smallness and form small لبیاهای and there are considerations based on patient conditions for plastic surgery and reconstruction that are necessary to be done.

Shorten or enlarge big لبیاهای

To enlarge small لبیاهای use of fat injecting takes so that this in addition to prominent big لبیاهای can cause covering extent in greatness of small لبیاهای and closed more to feminine vagina appearance. Being largeness of big لبیاهای can be a primary disease or severe weight loss (more extra and loosen of skin on لبیاهای. surgical operations are completely different about them. For the first one لبیا fat suction and skin removed of extra لبیاهای for the second case as plastic surgery method can be useful.

Surgery processes of vagina tight and tightening

Loosen in vagina and followed it probably decrease vagina feel on a number of the middle-aged and elderly women can be seen that in some of them may lead to disruption in coitus too. Operations vagina congeal cause to rehabilitation of the lower vagina, a decrease in foreign and domestic diameter and increasing of muscles stiffness of vagina areas.

Generally during the operation a part of extra mucus of inside vagina will be eliminated. In some centers use of fat injection or هالورونیك acid into and under vagina mucosa to congeal the vagina and because it is still has not clear long term results for us, the injection methods into the vagina less considered.

Clitoris repair operations

Congenital clitoris congenital can be existed because of genetic diseases, hormonal disorders and sexual ambiguities. If clitoris caused a great deformity of female urogenital or causation a problem during coitus, it’s necessary for shorten operations of clitoris.

It must be considered the operation of shorten clitoris is a delicate action that should be careful to maintain a delicate nerves that entered to clitoris.

Damaging to this nerve will cause disruption and a decrease in sexual feel of individuals in coitus.

Therefore recommended that these actions only to be done by physicians that familiar with the operations.

Practice of pelvic ….and urinary incontinence Surgeries of women.

With the increase in age for women around menopause ages and after that and with the increase in number of pregnancy times and childbirth, infection with humility of pelvis inside organs and also increased urinary incontinence. Bladder, womb, colon and other members in pelvis can be descended and trend to position lower than the right position. Signs of the disease caused a deformity of female urogenital, prominence of back and forward vagina…..

The disease in addition to the deformity of foreign urogenital can lead to pelvic pains, pelvic infections, uterine irregular bleeding, constipation, and urinary problems and urinary incontinence etc. There are different methods to cure this disease but for more severe cases, surgery included, that those would be possible from surgery of abdominal way or through vagina by open surgery or less aggressive methods.

New treatment methods to treat of stressed incontinence will be done for the patient more comfortable and even be done with a focal anesthetic and سرپائی.

Reconstruction surgery and beauty of low part of stomach (pubis)

It is possible for fat and middle to upper aged people, also losing weight, to humility and deformity in the upper part of urogenital and under belly, so that this correction method is considered by suction and fat evacuation followed by abdominal liposuction. In some cases also needed to open surgery in order to deformity correction of this area.

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