Cosmetic and plastic surgery for mens external genitalia

Surgery operations of Change of masculine urogenital size and correct small appearance of genital organ in fat men
Surgery operations of deformities correction of masculine genital organ, including clubfoot and curve of genital organ and problems in previous circumcision
Surgery operations of urinary abnormalities (like هیپوسپادیازیس and اپی سپادیازیس)
Surgery operations of abnormalities correction of scrotum (scrotum bag)
واریكوسل and hernia of groin
Male impotence and premature ejaculation

Surgery operations of Change of masculine urogenital size and correct small appearance of genital organ in fat men
Surgery operations of Change of masculine urogenital size

It is included of increasing the length and diagonal of masculine urogenital. It should be noticed that the majority of applicant people to do this operation are among normal people and no need to do the operation, and their problem after some physical examinations and make sure them of having normal foreign urogenital will be solved.

Surgery operations just for only patients that truly have small urogenital that in application cause inability for doing coitus, and after having necessary psychiatry consultation will be done. It should be considered the all the advertisements about size change of urogenital on virtual spaces and satellites are useless and often cause to damage and have severe effects on urogenital.

multiplier during genital organ actions include free لیگمانهای hung with the instrument by using فلپ skin to cover use of سیاهرگهای their link to their rags vagina male to increase length of it and other similar actions that after the physical exam patients in case of need type of action will be specified. lashings after

Operations Qatar multiplier tool included fat injection into vagina, placing for prostheses or گرافتهای درمال or using the vein figure beneath the instrument to increase the Qatar male genital organ.

Small appearance genital organ in men fat

: lashings in children and fat especially if female circumcision with a large skin, vagina in fat belly down and stuck hiding and very small instrument seems to in some form that lashings only a visible instrument. In many of these cases after the erection instrument suitable length and the lower stomach fat out

surgical operations deformity correction of the male genital organ

Clubfoot curve and genital organ

distortion of the vagina may be curve by blow and broken previous genital organ or disease like the La Peyronie are to be or that there congenital. In some cases that this curvature in vagina and severe deformity or disorder in coitus instrument suitable needed surgery to correct. In general surgical operations correction

Due to the deformity of the circumcision done improper method to

lashings during circumcision added skin removing, unbalanced action done, placing stitches of the deformed or improper reaction to body female circumcision caused deformity of the instrument is in most cases a part and needs correction surgery. In some cases that this deformity has been more than a problem for the patient and have a small practice with a b

Logged operations gave urinary

These diseases included mostly هیپوسپادیازیس and extraspinal tissue سپادیازیس: In هیپوسپادیازیس exit hole urine vagina instead of tip in the bottom and it is as part of the pres does not assisting him. Sometimes it is said that children are congenital female circumcision is born. This disease is different deprecate and correction needs a

In the extraspinal tissue disease contrary سپادیازیس هیپوسپادیازیس, exit hole in urinary a high level tool. This disease compared to prevalence of هیپوسپادیازیس has less and correction actions need plastic surgery relatively complex. patients who see lashings to the actions for correction surgery numerous unsuccessful هیپوسپ

Surgery corrected اسكروتوم abnormalities (scrotum Dan)

The abnormalities included اسكروتوم, اسكروتوم deformity of the nose in the form of a curtain and اسكروتوم vagina, اسكروتوم two part and etc.. Also in some cases leisure congenital disease or the next individual is one or two of the scrotum is placing for prostheses اسكروتوم scrotum inside the medical form

Some old people and especially infected with diabetes (increase blood sugar) suffered a serious illness infectious genital organ area to گانگرن فورنیه name that may have caused the loss of the major or all اسكروتوم skin and vagina. After the removal of the infection with the use of the skin of plastic surgery and the Genie in the

And واریكوسل hernia groin

واریكوسل: effect of flowing robes and the lack of efficiency that سیاهرگهایی blood testes are evacuated. The disease which about 15 percent in adolescents and young people can be seen in the left and intermittant vaginal bleeding in the different degrees of one to 3. This disease can cause to prevent the growth in scrotum adolescence ages and age at

In an early age if infected with scrotum and smaller growth of better واریكوسل.

The age higher than if couples are unmartial (i.e., despite regularly as near to prevent pregnant after a year) and sperm test weak man better واریكوسل he. Also scrotum pain and deformity in اسكروتوم واریكوسل also causes severe other واریكوسل action. Surgery واریكوسل, practical is that relatively simple

Groin hernia: The arrival gut paunch into groin or scrotum bag (اسكروتوم) applies to. Prominence is in in the groin or scrotum bag of great shows His that it is possible when individual sleeping this boss. cure this disease surgery only and must be in if possible in the first time of action

Male impotence and premature moreover: masculine impotence effect of lack of ability to reach full stiffness masculine genital organ or the loss stiffness vagina (erection) coitus before the end. Of this disease in men by increasing the age.

It causes two main categories causes of psychological-nervous and causes of physical (like the causes vascular). Before think that intermittant vaginal bleeding causes nervous and mental are today but we believe that physical causes and a member (like a cardiovascular congestion tool) or a mixture of the causes of physical and mental are intermittant vaginal bleeding.

The physical causes of congestion can be arteries, lack of efficiency سیاهرگهای vagina, hormonal disorders, drugs, disease of the nervous system and of damage caused by the blow and.

Most of the patients after initial parts of diagnostic treatment medications are and the number of less serious measures need more. This treatment of the واكیوم for prostheses and vagina in here explained.

that means it is necessary to create a erection for coitus in severe cases with the diagnosis of impotence doctor used. In this method after a lacuna on bubbles like vagina and the creation of vacuum pressure and semen, blood in the organ and erection is created. Then a ring of instrument in the roots are taken and lacuna

for prostheses vagina

One of the methods in cases of impotence remedies to more simple answer is not, for prostheses vagina. These are means that during an operation inside the vagina to vagina suitable stiffness (erection at coitus. This means two poisonous ریژید group (half

Moreover early

As follows from reaching to the height of sexual expression and moreover before the time expected during coitus that might be the only a few minutes after the beginning sexual contact. The problem is that in addition to the symptoms for the individual himself may have come lead, his wife enjoying complete sexual and not forgotten these with problem.

This disease may be accompanied by impotence and lack of proper erection in an individual in this case should be first sexual me flap this bug (erection disorder) individual treatment.

Moreover treatment early treatment medications that in majority of cases and the problem has been effective individual treatment. It should be noted that using the پمادهای position and or use of مخدرها to cure this disease are not recommended and may be unwanted symptoms a person.

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